Watch Servicing

Full serving for mechanical pocket and wrist watches. This will include a detailed review of the work undertaken along with a performance printout.

Clock Servicing

Full servicing for mechanical clocks of all types including full testing and time regulation. This will include a detailed review of the work undertaken.

Watch Repair

For those items needing a little more we can source parts from all over the world. We can also manufacture some parts inhouse or make repairs to original parts.

Clock Repair

Clocks often need more than a full service to operate correctly. We offer a full repair service which can be used in conjunction with a full service.

Watch Restoration

Higham Horology can manage the full restoration of your watch either inhouse or in collaboration with the best craftsmen in the UK for those specialist jobs.

Clock Restoration

We can provide clock restoration service for those special pieces by either a full restoration or a more conservative conservation style.

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